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DSHS Certified Supported Living Agency
Puffin Island LLC
Certified by the State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services, Residential Care Services
Washington Minority and Women's Business Enterprise; Community Residential Services Association
P.O. Box 305,  Everson, WA  98247
                   ph:  360.715.1672     e-mail: employment@PuffinIsland.org    www.PuffinIsland.org 
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Sarah: Bachelors of Science in Deaf Studies; Masters in Deaf Education; DeafBlind Transition Specialist with the DeafBlind Project of Washington State 

Glyndon: Certified Home Care Aide; three time nominee for Direct Support Professional of Washington State; Department of Social and Health Services Individual Care Provider; Washington State University, double major English and Psychology

Stephanie: Certified Trainer, DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration) Residential Services Curriculum; BA English (Magna Cum Laude); MA Language Arts & Literature (Summa Cum Laude); Adult Education Instructor (Vancouver Community College); California Teacher's Certificate; Provincial Instructors Diploma - Adult Education (British Columbia); Chair of Humanities, Vancouver Community College; Dean Emeritus, Arts & Science, Vancouver Community College

Susan: Certified Trainer, DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration) Residential Services Curriculum; Executive Administrator, Puffin Island LLC; (Previously: Executive Director, The Arc of Whatcom County; Board and/or Chair of the following: Whatcom Interagency Coordinating Council; DSHS Region III Advisory Council; State of Washington Stakeholders Advisory Committee; Whatcom County Human Services Review Committee; ADA Committee, Whatcom County Public Health & Safety Network; Whatcom Co. Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board; SSI Parent Mentor, Washington PAVE) 

​In Remembrance:  Maureen Godwin filled the role of Puffin Island LLC's Certified Trainer, DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration) Residential Services Curriculum.  She held a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and spent 25 years as an Early Childhood Developmental Evaluator and Family Support Specialist.  Early in her career, children in Florida benefited greatly from her Special Education Teaching Certification.  In her own words, she was an "all round good egg".  Her loss is immeasurable.  
With great sadness, family and loved ones of Maureen announce that she passed away peacefully on Thursday March 14th, 2019 in the comfort of her home, surrounded by love and light.  A Celebration of Life was held on Friday, April 5th, 2019 at the Squalicum Boathouse at Zuanich Park.  It is quite simply an understatement to say that she will be greatly missed.  

​Maureen was the most wonderful mother to her children Daniel and Sarah, devoted to her husband Tom, her brother Bruce and all her Fortner and Godwin familiy.
In Memoriam
Maureen Godwin
Maureen was an amazing advocate and a cherished member of the disability community in Bellingham, Washington and Pensacola, Florida. She was a transformative influence on everyone she met. Maureen's ability to touch the heart of those around her was boundless. Her legacy of giving and sharing will be carried on through The Arc of Whatcom County's Dan Godwin Community Center by her daughter Sarah.
At Puffin Island LLC we will mourn her loss, but rejoice in the honor of having been a treasured part of her world.  We will strive to carry forward her dedication to providing best practices, limitless caring and deep concern to better the quality of life of those we serve.We can only hope to spread her joy of life, the peace and beauty of her smile and her dedication and commitment to a life guided by the influence of Don Miguel Ruiz' Four Agreements:

Be impeccable with your word.        Don't take anything personally.     Don't make assumptions.      Always do your best.